My self portrait, in the
100 Barossa Artists Exhibition -2020

My name is Dylan Butler and I am an Award Winning 3rd generation Painter and Decorator turned Artist and Signwriter. I am based out of the Barossa in South Australia.

I learnt my trade in my hometown from my father, Michael Butler. A well decorated Painter and Decorator, and an accomplished teacher of the trade. The 3rd generation part is thanks to my grandad.

Painting: I am a fully qualified painter and decorator, with a passion and strong experience in restoring historically significant, and heritage listed buildings. Fancy decorative finishes and wallpaper hanging is also something I can do.

Signwriting: Since vinyl printing and stickers came onto the scene in the 80’s, the signwriting trade has undergone a dramatic transformation. Keeping signwriting alive in a more traditional sense and waste free manner is something I always try to achieve in my signwriting work.

Art: Creating anything that starts as a picture in my head and seeing it come to life is something I have always enjoyed. I have a soft spot for the environment, so a lot of what I create and paint on is made from up-cycled and very old materials, or pieces left behind from mother earth. I also have strong aspirations to paint large murals all around the world… so far i’ve ticked off two countries and a few more locations here in South Australia.

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