MPA Award Ceremony – 2014

During the last 10 years spent as a Painter and Decorator in South Australia, I was lucky enough to be consistently surrounded by passionate, award winning trades people. The first four years of my apprenticeship started this positive trend. I was extremely lucky to be taught by my father, as every apprentice under his guidance has won an award from The Master Painters Association of South Australia, or TAFE SA. I was lucky enough to win awards in both. My current credentials include:

TAFE SA Most Outstanding Student: Runner-up 2013 – Winner 2014

Master Painters Association of South Australia Apprentice of the Year – Winner 2014

The true value of being taught by my father was how involved he made me with other tradespeople, supervisors, project managers and the likes while working on a project. This exposed me to a wide variety of people striving to achieve a common goal. A very valuable business lesson for contracted work.

Post apprenticeship I moved to Adelaide. I am proud to say I worked for two well respected and Award-Winning Companies in South Australia, Johnathon Luby Painters and Derek Wales & Son Surface Coatings. Continuing to surrounded myself by award-winning tradespeople in the ‘big city’ was an invaluable experience. I was exposed to a completely different realm of the trade at an elite level, and learnt so much more.

I have now been self employed for the last 5 years.